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Title Power Conversion Unit for Hybrid Electric Vehicles
Authors Ji-Myoung Lee ; Jae-Yong Lee ; Rae-Kwan Park ; Seo-Geon Chang ; Kyung-Soo Choi
Page pp.420-429
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Hybrid Electric vehicle; HDC(High side DC/DC Converter); MCU(Motor Control Unit); MTPA-algorithm; 3-phase interleaving; MPC5554; Cooling model and simulation
Abstract In this paper, we propose a novel pc-based 8-channel USB interface digital multi-controller (DMC) has capacity to be able to adjust ultrasonic motor’s (USM's) the parameters-frequency, amplitude, phase difference- using FPGA. The proposed DMC can control parameters directly by digital logic through a FPGA. Since it has counter circuit for rotary encoder to measure position and velocity of USM, the other separate circuits are unnecessary. Therefore, it could reduce the size of controller and the production cost. Finally, to verify the performance of proposed DMC, we tested the speed characteristic of two types USM with no-load as adjusting the parameters.