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Title A New Dual Output LLC Resonant DC/DC Converter using Single Control IC
Authors Jong-Kyu Yoon ; Sang-Ho Cho ; Chung-Wook Roh ; Sung-Soo Hong ; Jong-Hae Kim ; Hyo-Bum Lee ; Sang-Kyu Han
Page pp.453-460
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Medium power system; LLC resonant converter; Dual-output; Single Control IC; PDP TV; SMPS
Abstract This paper proposes a novel three-phase current-fed active clamp DC-DC converter for fuel cells. A single common active clamp branch is used to limit transient voltage across the three-phase full bridge and to realize zero-voltage switching(ZVS) in all switches. To apply for the power generation system, current-fed type has been combined with the three-phase power conversion system. The proposed approach has the following advantages: an increase (by a factor of three) of input current and output voltage chopping frequencies; lower RMS current through the inverter switches with higher power transfer capability; reduction in size of reactive filter components and the power conditioning system; better transformer utilization; increase of the system reliability. Therefore, the proposed three-phase current-fed active clamp DC-DC converter is appropriate for the boost type DC-DC converter for fuel cells and also applicable for the photovoltaic and battery charge system. The paper details the analysis, simulation and hardware implementation of the proposed system. Finally, experimental results with the proposed PWM strategy demonstrate the feasibility of the proposed scheme on a 500W prototype converter.