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Title A Study on Space Vector Modulation Method to Improve Input Power Factor of Matrix Converter
Authors Hoang M. NguyenHoang M. Nguyen ; Hong-Hee Lee ; Tae-Won Chun
Page pp.476-486
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Matrix converter; Space vector modulation; Input filter; Power factor; Displacement angle
Abstract The aim of the paper is to analysis on train propulsion system and to study for energy saving. For this study, we make the program that simulate actual operation of the train route. The train running simulation is performed from starting station to 4th station by using the route datas of Deajeon Metro Subway. The study for control method of electrical motor and energy recovery to save energy is selected. The train propulsion system is constituted as a M-G Set, which is realized via Space Vector Modulation(SVM) - Direct Torque Control(DTC), the energy consumption during train operation and energy recovery during breaking is simulated by Simplorer program. From this result, the energy consumption and recovery of train with SVM-DTC is studied.