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Title A Study on the Gain Characteristics of Multi-output LLC Series Resonant Converter
Authors Jae-Sam Lee ; Jun-Ho Park ; Dong-Young Huh ; Seong-In Kang ; Joo-Hoon Kim ; Eun-Soo Kim
Page pp.177-187
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords LLC; Series resonant converter; Leakage inductance; Gain
Abstract Regenerative energy generated by regenerative braking of DC traction can cause the system malfunction or damage to the rectifier, or malfunction of the power conversion device in power supply system by DC Line voltage rise in feeder line. Regenerative energy storage system using super capacitor is one of the ways to stabilize DC line voltage. In this paper, energy storage system of DC traction system using super-capacitor bank is implemented and using the field measurement data of the station N and the station S on the Line 2, the operation characteristics of line voltage caused by regenerative energy of electric trains are verified. Also, charge/discharge characteristics of super capacitor are verified as well. Thus, we can verify the operation characteristics of super-capacitor bank for regenerative energy storage system installed in DC Traction. And if we can use field measurement data of DC line voltage, we have obtained cost reduction. The stabilization of the system will be improved by measuring the operation characteristics of regenerative energy storage system in certain section operated by DC traction and predicting the capacity and lifetime of super-capacitor.