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Title Soft Switching Boost Converter using a Single Switch
Authors Doo-Yong Jung ; Jae-Hyeng Kim ; Young-Hyok Ji ; Chung-Yuen Won ; Yong-Chae Jung
Page pp.211-219
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Zero current switching; Zero voltage switching; Soft switching; Boost converter
Abstract The demand of a three phase PWM inverter for the purpose of power control or grid-connecting is increasing. This inverter is connected to a grid through an L-filter or LCL-filter to reduce the harmonics caused by switching. An LCL-filter can reduce the harmonic of a low switching frequency and generate a satisfactory level of grid side current with a relatively low-inductance than an L-filter. But the additional poles caused by the LC part affects a stability problem due to induced resonance of the system. This paper presents a compensation method using a power theory to improve performance, the designed LCL-filter system and to reduce the stability problems caused by resonance. The effectiveness of the proposed algorithm is verified by simulations and experiments.