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Title A New Asymmetrical PWM Bidirectional Half Bridge Converter for Wide Input Voltage Range Applications
Authors Jeong-Geun Kim ; Se-Wan Choi ; Rae-Kwan Park ; Seo-Geon Chang
Page pp.235-242
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Fuel cell vehicle; Bidirectional DC-DC converter; Half-bridge converter; Asymmetrical PWM; ZVZCS; Synchronous rectifier
Abstract In the 2-phase excited BLDC motor drives using a unipolar PWM scheme, there exists, in some cases, a unwanted leakage current which flows through the anti -parallel diode in the non-excited phase leg of the inverter. In this paper the cases in which the leakage current exists and the influence of the leakage current are analyzed, and a novel unipolar PWM scheme which can eliminate the leakage current is proposed. The leakage current increases as the motor speed is increased or PWM duty is decreased, and as a result the output power of the motor is reduced considerably. The effectiveness of the proposed unipolar PWM scheme isverified through the comparative simulations and experiments.