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Title A Study on the Optimal Operation Schemes for Large-scale Wind Farm
Authors Young-Soo Jeon ; Young-Do Choy
Page pp.365-371
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Grid code; Transmission system operator; Active power regulation; Wind farm control system
Abstract The benefits of utilizing energy exchange between the main land and Cheju island in Korea make it interesting to establish new HVDC sea cable interconnections. A total power of 350 MW or more can then be exchanged through the HVDC links including the existing Cheju HVDC #1 interconnection. A feasibility study base on economical benefits has been carried out. Especially the comparison of economy benefit between thermal power plant, LNG power plant and HVDC system shows that HVDC system is the only solution in Cheju island. Also, this paper shows that additiona l HVDC system help to enhance the stability of power system.