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Title State Space Averaging Based Analysis of the Lithium Battery Charge/Discharge System
Authors Hwa-Young Won ; Soo-Yong Chae ; Soon-Chan Hong
Page pp.387-396
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Charge; Discharge; Lithium battery; State space averaging
Abstract The SCR in Static Transfer Switch (STS) is used for reliability improvement of important load’s power supply in industry field. However an average of 2% fault in thyristor(SCR) occurs, so that the attached mechanical switch is paralleled with SCR’s both end points and SCR operates only during the 12~208[mS] before operation of the mechanical switch. Also, an ISC (Ideal State Conditioning Interlock Device) - STS system that two power supply paths may not be thrown at the same time is developed to remove the overlap section perfectly when a short or earth fault is generated in one system. This method has reduced the fault rate remarkably through the reduction of SCR’s fatigue degree by using SCR in conversion operation corresponding to 0.89 times a year. Also, in case of fault generations, it does not affect to supply power to the load, therefore it contributes to the promotion of reliability in the power supply.