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Title Improved Operating Method of Utility Interactive PV System for Peak Power Cut Effect
Authors Young-Sik Kim ; Dugarjav Bayasgalan ; Hye-Seong Heo ; Gyu-Ha Choe
Page pp.415-422
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords UIPV(Utility Interactived Photovoltaic); Peak-cut Effect; Peak-tim; Battery
Abstract In this paper, scanning backlight unit which can reduce motion blur was designed and fabricated using flat fluorescent lamp. The FFL(flat fluorescent lamp) is in the limelight as a new illuminant of next generation BLU(backlight unit), because of simple assembly and reduction of driving components. In order to control lamp brightness, lamp on-time was controlled. In this experiment, it was confirmed that lamp brightness can be dimmed linealy and in a wide range.