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Title A Electrical Fire Disaster Prevention Device of High Speed and High Precision by using Semiconductor Switching Devices
Authors Dong-Kurl Kwak
Page pp.423-430
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords RCD; Electrical fire; Reed switch; EPDPD; Overload; Short circuit faults
Abstract This paper presents the structure and performance of a new integrated magnetics-based transformer, which can be readily adapted to zero-voltage switching full bridge dc-to-dc converters. The proposed transformer features with two paralleled primary windings and a center-tapped secondary winding. The transformer can be fabricated on standard EE or EI cores where the primary and secondary windings are placed on the outer legs while the output filter inductor is wound on the middle leg. The performance of the proposed transformer is demonstrated with a 100 kHz 720 W experimental dc-to-dc converter which recorded a 92% conversion efficiency at 12 V output voltage.