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Title A Study on the 3-phase 13.2 kV Solid State Transformer for the DC Distribution
Authors Dong-Keun Jeong ; Hyeok-Jin Yun ; Si-Ho Park ; Ho-Sung Kim ; Myoung-Ho Kim ; Myung-Hyo Ryu ; Ju-Won Baek
Page pp.315-324
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords DC distribution; SST (Solid State Transformer); Zero sequence voltage; QAB (Quard Active Bridge); HFIT (High Frequency Isolation Transformer)
Abstract A solid state transformer (SST) that can interface an MVAC of three-phase 13.2 kV and a 1.5 kV DC distribution. SST consists of an AC/DC converter and a DC/DC converter with a high-frequency isolation transformer (HFIT). The AC/DC converter consists of cascaded NPC full-bridge to cope with the MVAC. The DC/DC converter applies a quad active bridge (QAB) topology to reduce the number of the HFIT. Topology analysis and controller design for this specific structure are discussed. In addition, the insulation of HFIT used in DC/DC converters is considered. The discussion is validated using a 300 kVA three-phase SST prototype.