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Title Control Strategies of Mobility Charging Systems Using PV-ESS Systems
Authors Dae-Won Kim ; Hyeon-Min Lee ; Sung-Min Park
Page pp.334-341
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Mobility charging system; ESS (Energy Storage System); PV (Photovoltaic); Power control
Abstract Operation modes and control strategies for single-phase mobility charging station utilizing photovoltaic (PV) generation and energy storage systems (ESS) are proposed. This approach generates electric power from PV to transmit the mobility, ESS, and then transfer it to the grid when surplus electric power is generated during daytime. However, the PV power cannot be generated during night-time, and ESS and the mobility system can be charged using grid power. The power balance control based on power fluctuations and the resonant current control that can compensate harmonic components have been added to increase the stability of the system. The MATLAB/Simulink simulation was carried out to verify the proposed control method, and the 2-kW single-phase grid-tied PV-ESS smart mobility charger was built and tested.