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Title Electro-Thermal Model Based-Temperature Estimation Method of Lithium-Ion Battery for Fuel-Cell and Battery Hybrid Railroad Propulsion System
Authors Seongyun Park ; Jaeyoung Kim ; Jonghoon Kim ; Joonhyoung Ryu ; Inho Cho
Page pp.357-363
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Lithium-ion battery; Electro-thermal model; Extended Kalman filter; Battery thermal management system; Hybrid railroad propulsion system
Abstract Eco-friendly hybrid railroad propulsion system with fuel-cell and battery was suggested to reduce carbon dioxide gas and replace retired diesel railroads. Lithium-ion battery with high energy/power density and long lifetime is selected as the energy source at the battery side due to its excellent performance. However, the performance of lithium-ion batteries was affected by temperature, current rate, and operating condition. Temperature is known to be the most influential factor in changing battery parameters. In addition, appropriate thermal management is required to ensure the safe and effective operation of lithium-ion battery. Electro-thermal coupled model with varying parameter depends on temperature, and state-of-charge (SOC) is suggested to estimate battery temperature. The electric-thermal coupled model contains diffusion current using parameter identification by adaptive control algorithm when considering thermal diffusion effect. An experiment under forced convection was conducted using cylindrical cell and 18 parallel-connected battery module to demonstrate the method.