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Title Phase-Shifted Full-Bridge Converter for Welding Power Supply Capable of Using 220 V, 440 V 3-Phase Grid Voltages
Authors Duk-Hyeon Yun ; Woo-Seok Lee ; Jun-Young Lee ; Il-Oun Lee
Page pp.372-375
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Phase-shifted full-bridge converter; DC/DC converter; Welding power supply; High efficiency
Abstract A three-leg inverter-type isolated DC-DC Converter that can use 220 and 440 V grid input voltages is introduced. The secondary circuit structure of the proposed topology is center-tap, which is the same as the conventional phase-shifted full-bridge converter. However, the primary circuit structure is composed of a three-leg inverter structure and a transformer, in which two primary windings are connected in series. The proposed circuit structure has a wider input voltage range than the conventional phase-shifted full-bridge converter, and the circulating-current on the primary-side is reduced. In addition, the voltage stress at the secondary rectifier is greatly improved, and high efficiency can be achieved at a high input voltage by removing the snubber circuit added to the conventional converter. Prototype converters with input DC of 311 V, output of 622 V, and 50 V and 6 kW class specifications were designed and manufactured to verify the validity of the proposed topology; the experimental results are presented.