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Title A New Gate Driver Technique for Voltage Balancing in Series-Connected Switching Devices
Authors Myeong-Su Son ; Young-Hoon Cho
Page pp.9-17
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Series-connected; SiC MOSFET; Active gate driver; RC snubber
Abstract Lithium-ion batteries have been designed and used as battery packs with series and parallel combinations that are suitable for use. However, due to its internal electrochemical properties, producing the battery’s condition at the same value is impossible for individual cells. In addition, the management of characteristic deviations between individual cells is essential for the safe and efficient use of batteries as aging progresses with the use of batteries. In this work, we propose a method to manage deviation properties and detect abnormal behavior in the configuration of a combined battery pack of these multiple battery cells. The proposed method can separate and detect probabilistic low-frequency information according to statistical information based on Z-score. The verification of the proposed algorithm was validated using experimental results from 10S3P battery packs, and the implemented algorithm based on Z-score was validated as a way to effectively manage multiple individual cell information.