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Title Development of DC/DC Converters and Actual Vehicle Simulation Experiment for 150 kW Class Fuel-cell Electric Vehicle
Authors Sun-Ju Kim ; Hyeonju Jeong ; Sewan Choi ; Jun-Ho Cho ; Yujong Jeon ; Jun-Sung Park ; Hye-Sung Yoon
Page pp.26-32
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords FCEV; Boost converter; FDC; BHDC; Coupled inductor; Interleaved; Bi-directional
Abstract This paper proposes a high step-up converter with zero-voltage transition (ZVT) cell for fuel cell electric vehicle. The proposed converter applies a ZVT cell to a dual floating output boost converter (DFOBC) so that not only the main switch but also the ZVT switch can achieve full-range soft switching. The current rating of the ZVT switch is 17% of the main switch. The proposed converter has high reliability in that no timing issue occurs. Therefore, online calculation is not required. The minimum turn-on time of the ZVT switch that guarantees soft switching at all loads and input/output voltage is obtained by analysis. In addition, the proposed DFOBC allows the use of a 650 V device even at 800 V output and has the advantage of being able to boost the voltage by 3.5 times with 0.56 duty. Planar coupled inductor with PCB winding was successfully implemented with the converter operated at 300 kHz. The 25 kW prototype achieves peak efficiency of 99% and power density of 63 kW/L.