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Title Torque Ripple Reduction Method With Enhanced Efficiency of Multi-phase BLDC Motor Drive Systems Under Open Fault Conditions
Authors Tae-Yun Kim ; Yong-Sug Suh ; Hyeon-Cheol Park
Page pp.33-39
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords BLDC (BrushLess Direct Current) motor; FTC (Fault Tolerant Control); Efficiency; Multi-phase current control
Abstract In this paper, bidirectional LLC-LC resonant DC-DC converter with notch filters in the primary side of resonant circuits is proposed. Even if resonant capacitors are used on the primary and secondary sides, the proposed converter can operate with the high gain characteristics of the LLC resonant converter without mutual coupling of resonant capacitors, regardless of the direction of power flow. In addition, by applying notch filters, the proposed converter can operate with a wider gain control range and can cope with overload and short circuit. The analysis and operating characteristics of the proposed bidirectional LLC-LC resonant converter are investigated. A 3.3 kW prototyped bidirectional LLC-LC resonant converter connected to 750 VDC buses is designed and tested to verify the validity and applicability of this proposed converter.