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Title Irradiation-Adaptive Operating Algorithm of Differential Power Processing Module for Photovoltaic Panels Including Multiple Strings
Authors Geun-Wook Kim ; Mina Kim ; Jee-Hoon Jung
Page pp.63-73
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Irradiation adaptive algorithm; Differential power processing; Photovoltaic; Bi-directional DC-DC converter; Partial shading
Abstract This paper proposes enhanced single-phase pulse width modulation buck, boost, and buck-boost type ac-ac converters. The proposed converters, where input and output voltages share a common ground, require no isolated voltage sensor and have no leakage current problem. The commutation problem is solved with series-connected switching cell structures without using an additional RC snubber. In addition, with the use of the polarity of input voltage, switching patterns are determined so that the inductor currents can flow through switching devices during all operational modes. Two switches are always turned on during a half-period of the input voltage; thus, the switching loss is significantly reduced. Detailed analysis and experimental results are provided to verify the performance of the proposed converter.