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Title Power Control Method for FB-SRC IH Cooktop System Considering Limited Switching Frequency Range Condition
Authors Yun-Seong Hwang ; Joo-Seung Lee ; Seung-Hyun Kang ; Man-Jae Kwon ; Eunsu Jang ; Byoung-Kuk Lee
Page pp.256-264
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords IH (Induction Heating) system; FB (Full-Bridge); SRC (Series Resonant Converter); FCM (Frequency Power Control Method); PSCM (Phase Shift Power Control Method)
Abstract The frequency power control method (FCM) which has a wide operating frequency range is adopted for induction heating (IH) cooktops. When FCM is applied to the full-bridge series resonant converter (FB-SRC) based IH system, high-frequency switching of the inverter is required compared to the half-bridge SRC (HB-SRC)-based IH system. Therefore, the switching loss of the inverter increases, and applying FCM under the condition that the inverter operating frequency range is limited is difficult. Therefore, this paper proposes a control strategy with the phase shift power control method considering that limited frequency conditions are presented. Loss analysis following the control method is performed through simulation and mathematical analysis. In addition, the validity of the proposed control strategy is verified by analyzing the heating performance following the control method through the test results of the 3,200[W] prototype.