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Title Grid Peak Power Limiting / Compensation Power Circuit for Power Unit under Dynamic Load Profile Conditions
Authors Hee-Seong Jeong ; Do-Il Park ; Yong-Hwi Lee ; Chang-Hyeon Lee ; Chung-Wook Rho
Page pp.376-383
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Peak power; Dynamic load profile; Compensation circuit; Limiting circuit; Super capacitor
Abstract The improved performance of computer parts, such as graphic card, CPU, and main board, has led to the need for power supplies with a high power output. The dynamic load profile rapidly changes the usage of power consumption depending on load operations, such as PC power and air conditioner. Under dynamic load profile conditions, power consumption can be classified into maximum, normal, and standby power. Several problems arise in the case of maximum power. Peak power is generated at the system power source in the maximum-power situation. Frequent generation of peak power can cause high-frequency problems and reduce the life of high-pressure parts (especially high-pressure capacitors). For example, when a plurality of PCs are used, system overload occurs due to peak power generation and causes problems, such as power failure and increase in electricity bills due to exceeded contract power. To solve this problem, a system peak power limit/compensation power circuit is proposed for a power supply under dynamic load profile conditions. The proposed circuit detects the system current to determine the power situation of the load. When the system current is higher than the set level, the circuit recognizes that the system current generates peak power and compensates for the load power through a converter using a super capacitor as the power source. Thus, the peak power of loads with a dynamic load profile is limited and compensated for, and problems, such as high-frequency issues, are solved. In addition, the life of high-pressure parts is increased.