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Title High Efficiency Voltage Balancing Dual Active Bridge Converter for the Bipolar DC Distribution System
Authors Minsu Lee ; Sungmoon Cheon ; Dongmin Choi ; Gun-Woo Moon
Page pp.391-396
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Dual active bridge converter; Voltage balancer; Bipolar DC distribution system; Integration circuit
Abstract In this study, a new voltage-balancing dual-active bridge converter that integrates a DAB converter with a voltage balancer is proposed for a bipolar DC distribution system. The proposed converter is configured to connect two loads to the transformer secondary center tap of the DAB converter, and no additional components are added. The proposed converter has the same operation as the conventional DAB converter, and it makes both output voltages similar. Moreover, the imbalanced current offset between the two loads is bypassed only on the secondary side of the transformer. Consequently, the proposed converter integrates a voltage balancer without any additional components, and no additional loss occurs in the corresponding components. Thus, high efficiency and high power density can be achieved. The feasibility of the proposed converter is verified using 3 kW prototypes under 380 V input and 190/190 V output conditions.