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Title KO AC/DC Converter System Installation Status and Commissioning Plan at ITER Site
Authors Inho Song ; Jong-Seok Oh
Page pp.397-401
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords ITER tokamak; Superconucting magnet; Thyristor AC/DC converter; Installation
Abstract The construction of the ITER tokamak machine is ongoing at a 77% process rate to achieve the first plasma in 2025. The 18 sets of power supply systems comprising 400 MVA thyristor AC/DC converters for the superconducting magnets supplied by Korea (KO) are being installed with other systems, such as PF converters (China), DC busbars (Russia), and cooling water systems (India), in two buildings (Europe). The system interfaces have been defined during the design stage, and the systems have been manufactured. However, during the on-site installation work, several installation and integration issues emerged due to the manufacturing tolerance and design mistakes. To continue the installation and testing, the engineers of each system resolved the interface issues, planned the commissioning, and integrated the test plan. This paper describes the on-site installation status and issues and the commissioning plan of KO AC/DC converters.