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Title Disturbance Observer-based Current Measurement Offset Error Compensation in Vector-controlled SPMSM Drives
Authors Sang-Min Lee ; Kibok Lee
Page pp.402-406
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Current measurement offset error; Disturbance observer; Vector controlled SPMSM drives
Abstract In vector-controlled drive systems, the current measurement offset error causes unwanted torque ripple, resulting in speed and torque control performance degradation. The current measurement offset error is caused by various factors, including thermal drift. This study proposes a simple DC offset error compensation method for a surface permanent magnet motor based on a disturbance observer. The disturbance observer is designed in the stationary reference frame. The proposed method uses only the measured current and machine parameters without additional hardware. The effect of parameter variations is analyzed, and the performance of the current measurement offset error compensation method is validated using simulation and experimental results.