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Title Analysis of Doubly Fed Variable-Speed Pumped Storage Hydropower Plant for Fast Response
Authors Jinlei Sun ; Joungjin Seo ; Hanju Cha
Page pp.425-430
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords DFVSPS(Doubly Fed Variable-Speed Pumped Storage); DFIM(Doubly Fed Induction Machine); Vector control; C-PSH(Conventional Pumped Storage Hydropower stations); Power model
Abstract A pumped storage power station is an important means to solve the problem of peak load regulation and ensures the safety of power grid operation. The doubly fed variable-speed pumped storage (DFVSPS) system adopts a doubly fed induction machine (DFIM) to replace the synchronous machine used in traditional pumped storage. The stator of DFIM is connected to the power grid, and the three-phase excitation windings are symmetrically distributed on the rotor. Excitation current is supplied by the converter. The active and reactive power of the unit can be quickly adjusted by adjusting the amplitude, frequency, and phase of the rotor-side voltage or current through the converter. Compared with a conventional pumped storage hydropower station (C-PSH), DFVSPS power stations have various operating modes and frequent start-up and shutdown. This study introduces the structure and principle of the DFVSPS unit. Mathematical models of the unit, including a model of DFIM, a model of the pump-turbine, and a model of the converter and its control, are established. Fast power control strategies are proposed for the unit model. A 300 MW model of the DFVSPS unit is established in MATLAB/Simulink, and the response characteristics in generating mode are examined.