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Title Design of a Bidirectional Converter for Battery Charging, Discharging and Zero-voltage Control
Authors Jae-Hyuck Choi ; Hyuk-Jin Kwon ; Jae-Hyun Kwon ; Jun-Young Lee
Page pp.431-437
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Half-bridge inverter; Battery charging; Battery discharging; Bidirectional converter; Zero-voltage-control
Abstract This study proposes a converter that makes battery charging, discharging, and zero voltage control possible. The proposed topology consists of an LLC converter and a half-bridge inverter, and all power semiconductor devices are applied Si-MOSFETs. The topology is designed with an LLC switching frequency of 100 kHz, a half-bridge inverter switching frequency of 50 kHz, and a battery voltage of 5 V. The advantages of the charging/discharging operation of the 5 V battery voltage and the zero voltage control of the battery are verified. In addition, by using a two-stage topology, the battery can be charged, discharged through current control, and discharged to zero voltage. With the proposed topology, the current can be maintained even when the battery voltage drops to zero.