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Title A New Zero-Current-Transition Forward Converter without Reset Turn
Authors Eun-Seong Baek ; Hyun-Chil Choi
Page pp.464-470
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Forward converter; Soft-switching; Without reset turn; ZCT (Zero-Current-Transition)
Abstract A new type of soft-switching forward converter is proposed in this study. By adding only a few
components, the inductor, diode, switch, and capacitor exhibit higher efficiency than the conventional forward
converter. Therefore, the switching losses of the proposed forward converter are considerably reduced compared
with those of the conventional forward converter. In addition, the reset winding is not used because of the
capacitor employed in the auxiliary circuit. The auxiliary capacitor is adopted for zero-current-transition
operation and for dissipating magnetization energy. The performance of the proposed forward converter is
validated using experimental results from a 60 W, single-output, forward converter prototype, and design
guidelines are presented.