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Title Coil Design Scheme using Single-Turn FEM Simulation for Efficiency Optimization of Inductive Power Transfer System
Authors Seung-Ha Ryu ; Chanh-Tin Truong ; Sung-Jin Choi
Page pp.471-480
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Wireless power transfer; Inductive power transfer; FEM(Finite Eelements Method); FEA(Finite Elements Analysis); Curve fitting technique; Coil design optimization
Abstract Inductive power transfer (IPT) is an attractive power transmission solution that is already used in many
applications. In the IPT system, optimal coil design is essential to achieve high power efficiency, but the
effective design method is yet to be investigated. The inductance formula and finite element method (FEM) are
popular means to link the coil geometric parameters and circuit parameters; however, the former lacks
generality and accuracy, and the latter consumes much computation time. This study proposes a novel coil
design method to achieve speed and generality without much loss of accuracy. By introducing one-turn
permeance simulation in each FEM phase combined with curve fitting and optimization by MATLAB in the
efficiency calculation phase, the iteration number of FEM can be considerably reduced, and the generality can
be retained. The proposed method is verified through a 100 W IPT system experiment.