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Title Compensation of Initial Position Error and Torque Ripple in Vector Control of Two-phase Hybrid Stepping Motors
Authors Do-Hyun Kim ; Sang-Hoon Kim
Page pp.481-488
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Two-phase hybrid stepping motor; Vector control; Initial position error; Torque ripple compensation
Abstract This study proposes compensation methods for the initial position error and torque ripple in vector control of
two-phase hybrid stepping motors. Stepping motors have an asymmetrical structure due to misalignment, such
as the eccentricity generated by the manufacturing and assembly process. When vector control is applied using
the position information measured by an incremental encoder attached to the rotor shaft of such stepping
motors, the following problems occur. First, an initial position error occurs during the forced excitation process
for the initial rotor position alignment. Second, torque ripple corresponding to the mechanical rotation frequency
is generated. In this study, these non-ideal phenomena that occur in vector control of the stepping motor are
analyzed, and compensation methods are proposed to eliminate them. The validity of the proposed initial
position error and torque ripple compensation methods is verified through experiments on a two-phase hybrid
stepping motor drive system.