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Title Development of a 4kW, High Efficiency, Series-Resonant DAB Converter
Authors Sangmin Lee ; Gil-Dong Kim ; Seung-Hwan Lee
Page pp.498-506
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Resonant converter; Bidirectional converter; Multilevel converter
Abstract This study proposes a design methodology for bidirectional, series-resonant, dual-active bridge (SRDAB)
converters. The circuit parameters of the SRDAB converters are designed by considering the output power and
efficiency of the converter. The proposed method can be used to design a high-power, high-efficiency SRDAB
converter. A voltage controller is employed to manipulate the output voltage of the converter, and the controller
gains are selected using the transfer function and frequency response of the controller. Simulation results show
that the output power of the designed SRDAB converter is 2 kW per converter module as designed. In
addition, the performance of the voltage controller is evaluated using the simulation and experimental results.
The output voltage follows the reference voltage within 10 ms under the step change of the reference
command. The output voltage also follows the reference voltage under the step load change. The efficiency of
the designed SRDAB converter is 95.6%.