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Title A Study on Operation Algorithm of Grid-Connected 3-Level NPC Inverter Considering Common-Mode Voltage and THD
Authors Hye-Cheon Kim ; Jung-Wook Park
Page pp.1-7
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Grid-connected; NPC inverter; Common-mode voltage; THD; Renewable energy
Abstract A grid-connected 3-level NPC inverter is a power conversion device that connects renewable energy generators, such as photovoltaic or wind turbines to the grid. Although many studies have focused on this inverter, commercializing it requires strictly satisfying various safety and power quality-related standards. Among many standards, leakage current and grid current total harmonic distortion(THD) can be affected by external factors such as installation environment, aging, and grid conditions. Hence, inverter operations that can satisfy these standards need to be explored. In this study a 3-level NPC inverter operation algorithm using the Phase Opposition Disposition-PWM method that can effectively reduce leakage current and switching frequency adjustment to reduce THD effectively has been proposed.