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Title Double Step-Up PFC Converter Using Asymmetrical PWM Scheme
Authors Yeongjin Kim ; Jaeseong Lim ; Honnyong Cha
Page pp.8-14
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Asymmetrical PWM scheme; Double step-up function; PFC(Power Factor Correction).
Abstract This paper proposes a PFC converter with a double step-up function using an asymmetrical PWM scheme. For the conventional PWM scheme, the input voltage range, which maintains a double step-up function, is limited because the proposed converter has different voltage gains and characteristics when the duty ratio(D) is less than 0.5. The proposed converter has a constant voltage gain regardless of the magnitude of the input voltage and can achieve output voltage balancing by using the asymmetrical PWM scheme. A 1.6-kW prototype of the proposed converter was built and tested to verify the performance.