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Title The Algorithm Development on Harmonic Analysis for Estimating the Quality of 1-Phase/3-Phase Power System
Authors Jong-Su Lim ; Taeck-Kie Lee
Page pp.15-21
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords THD(Total Harmonic Distortion); FFT(Fast Fourier Transform); Z-Transform; Mason’s rule; Goertzel algorithm
Abstract With the development of technology, a new class of smaller and more sensitive electrical systems have emerged, requiring higher quality power system. Improving the quality of the power system requires removing harmonics as much as possible to ensure better efficiency. We should first collect information on what harmonic frequencies are included in the current power system to remove the harmonics. In this paper, a new frequency analysis algorithm is introduced for a three-phase and a 1-phase power system. MTE PRS 600.3 is used to generate any harmonics to ensure that the algorithm performs well. Typing any harmonics on the Windows GUI program shows the analyzed result from the board developed for the algorithm.