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Title Development of Switching Power Module with Integrated Heat Sink and with Mezzanine Structure that Minimizes Current Imbalance of Parallel SiC Power Semiconductors
Authors Jeong-Ho Lee ; Sung-Soo Min ; Gi-Young Lee ; Rae-Young Kim
Page pp.39-47
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords WBG semiconductor device; Parallel operation; Current sharing; Integrated switching module
Abstract This paper applies a structural technique with uniform parallel switch characteristics in gates and power loops to minimize the ringing and current imbalance that occurs when a general discrete package (TO-247)-based power semiconductor device is operated in parallel. Also, this propose a heat sink integrated switching module with heat sink design flexibility and high power density. The developed heat dissipation-integrated switching module verifies the symmetry of the parasitic inductance of the parallel switch through Q3D by ansys and the validity of the structural technique of the parallel switch using the LLC resonant converter experiment operating at a rated capacity of 7.5 kW.