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Title Digital Control Techniques for Bidirectional CRM Buck(Boost) Converter
Authors Sang-Youn Lee ; Woo-Seok Lee ; Il-Oun Lee
Page pp.48-58
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords CRM(Critical-Conduction Mode); Bidirectional buck/boost converter.
Abstract This paper presents the digital control techniques of a bidirectional CRM(critical-conduction mode) buck(boost) converter, a dead-time design method that optimizes ZVS(zero-voltage switching) and valley-switching operation, and a switching-frequency limitation that ensures stable converter operation. To verify the feasibility of the design, a Si-MOSFET-based bidirectional CRM buck(boost) converter is built with 260?430 V input, 160?240 V output, and 1.0 kW rated capacity. The bidirectional CRM converter achieves an efficiency of up to 99.6% at buck mode and 98.7% at boost mode under rated load conditions