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Title A Study on DC-Link Current Ripple of Multi-Phase/Multi-Stage Boost Converter
Authors Seung-Min Kim ; Dong-Hee Kim
Page pp.59-67
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Multi-phase/Multi-stage converter; Boost conveter; DC-link current ripple; Phase shift
Abstract This paper explores the variation of DC-Link current ripple analysis in terms of duty cycle and phase angle of Multi-phase/Multi-stage boost converter. A 2-Stage/1-Stage boost converter DC-Link current is used to determine the difference between the 1st stage diode current and the 2nd stage inductor current. Each stage boost converter diode and inductor current is subordinate to the phase angle and duty cycle. The magnitude of the ripple current is variable according to phase angle and duty cycle. The analysis results are verified by variation of DC-Link current ripple using a 1kW typical 2-stage/1-stage boost converter