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Title 3-Phase Single Stage AC-DC Converter for Small Wind Turbine System
Authors Yu-Jin Moon ; Beom-Su Park ; Sang-Kyu Kim ; Eun-Soo Kim ; Deok-Jin Lim
Page pp.68-75
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Wind power generation system; Single-stage AC-DC converter; Soft switching; LLC resonant converter
Abstract This paper proposes a three-phase single-stage AC-DC converter for the small wind generation system. Input power factor improvement and insulated output can be implemented with the proposed three-phase single-stage AC-DC converter under the wide power generation voltage (80?260 Vac) and frequency (10?42 Hz) in a small wind power generation (WPG) system. The proposed converter is also capable of zero-voltage switching in the primary-side switches and zero-current switching in the secondary-side diodes by phase-shift control at a fixed switching frequency. In addition, it is possible to control a wide output voltage (Vo: 39 VDC? 60 VDC) by varying the link voltage and improving the input power factor (PF) and the total harmonic distortion factor (THDi). Simulation and experimental results verified the validity of the proposed converter.