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Title Investigation of Operating Characteristics for Different Shielding Barriers of Wireless Multiple Charging Module under High Speed Magnetic Levitation Train
Authors Yoon-Do Chung ; Chang-Young Lee
Page pp.83-88
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Magnetic levitation train; Shielding barrier effect; Wireless multi-power charging unit
Abstract We have developed a wireless power charging(WPC) unit for the high-speed superconducting magnetic levitation train to improve the transfer efficiency and stability given that the WPC system can supply electric power without overhead wire power lines of pantographs. Various multi charging units have been required in the super high-speed transportation systems given that their utilization can improve the charging capability and reduce the construction cost of pantographs. Practically, the antenna (Tx) is installed adjacent to the shielding barriers. This way affects the transferred power considering that the Tx and multi-receiver (Rx) coils are intrinsically sensitive to impedance variation due to the external shielding barriers. Thus, the investigations of electric field (E) and magnetic field (B) between Tx and Rx coils should be conducted to control the charging rates. In this study, the authors present the intensities of electric and magnetic fields, as well as the thermal distributions and transfer efficiency between Tx and Rx coils using an RF generator of 370 kHz and 250 W.