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Title Inductor Design Rule in Electrical Variable Capacitor for 13.56 MHz RF Plasma Impedance Matcher with Optimized Variable Speed
Authors Hee-Won Choi ; Yong-Sug Suh ; Ju-Hwa Min
Page pp.105-110
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Electrical variable capacitor; Impedance matching; Matching speed; RF plasma system; Vacuum variable capacitor
Abstract This study introduces a method for designing an inductor for an electrical variable capacitor for an RF plasma impedance matcher of 13.56 MHz. In the RF impedance matcher, variable capacitors are essentially used for maximum power transfer of loads and sources. Electrical variable capacitors are next-generation variable capacitors. They can shorten the matching time compared with conventional mechanical variable capacitors. The proposed design method determines the inductor value with an optimized variable speed through the inductor design of the diode series-type electrical variable capacitor circuit. This method provides a faster variable speed to the electrical variable capacitor circuit to further shorten the matching time. The proposed design method is validated through simulations and experiments.