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Title 500W Bidirectional DC-DC Converter with Low Profile for High Density Battery Charging/Discharging System
Authors Seong-Yong Hong ; Jae-Bum Lee ; Sang-Gyun Ryu ; Chan-Bae Park
Page pp.111-119
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords BLDC(Bidirectional Low DC/DC Converter); Battery charging/discharging system; Low profile; Without fan; Double heat sink
Abstract This study proposes a new bidirectional low DC?DC converter without a fan with a low height of 25 mm for direct connection between a battery and a bidirectional low DC?DC converter (BLDC). To implement the proposed BLDC, dual active bridge (DAB) converter and two interleaving buck converter are adopted. For BLDC with low height and high efficiency, the transformer of the DAB converter is separated into two series on the primary side and two parallel structures on the secondary side. Inputs and outputs are connected in parallel and interleaving control is applied in two interleaving buck converters. Finally, double heat sink structure is adopted for high heat dissipation performance. A prototype of 500 W with an input voltage of 650 V and an output voltage of 1?5 V is manufactured to verify the performance of operation, efficiency, and temperature in steady and transient states.