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Title A Resonant DC-DC Converter With Asymmetric Structure for Active Voltage-Doubler Rectifier Over Wide Input Voltage Range in Renewable Energy Applications
Authors Sang-Oh Kim ; Byeongcheol Han
Page pp.120-127
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Photovoltaic application; Asymmetric voltage-doubler; Wide input voltage range; Resonant converter
Abstract Recently, the demand for renewable energy generation has increased due to environmental pollution and energy depletion. In particular, solar power generation is widely used because of its low maintenance costs and lack of noise. However, given that photovoltaic power generation changes its power voltage depending on weather conditions and panel conditions, a DC?DC converter operating in a wide input voltage range is required to convert to a constant and high DC voltage. Therefore, in this study, the existing secondary symmetric double voltage circuit is asymmetrically configured to reduce switching loss while maintaining a small number of active devices. A constant voltage can also be output through duty ratio control of the secondary switch. Finally, we present a resonant DC?DC converter circuit and modulation technique with high efficiency and high power density in a wide input voltage range. The validity of the proposed circuit and modulation technique is verified through PSIM simulation and 300 [W] test-bed experiment.