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Title A Feedforward Compensation of Output Power for Single-Phase Multilevel Inverter
Authors Jae-Hyeon Bang ; Do-Hong Lee ; Young-Hoon Cho
Page pp.128-137
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Multilevel Inverter; Solid-State Transformer; Active Front-End Converter; Dual-Active Bridge Converter; Feedforward Compensation Control
Abstract This study proposes a feedforward compensation method based on output power estimation for 2-stage single-phase multilevel inverter-based solid-state transformer. The proposed method consists of the output power estimation by phase reference of DAB (Dual Active Bridge) converter and feedforward the d-axis current reference of AFE (Active Front-End) converter. Feedback controller for AFE and DAB converters is designed based on small signal model of each converter for verifying the proposed method. Simulations and experimental results are provided to confirm the effectiveness of the proposed method.