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Title Parameter Estimation for Cross Saturation Term of Magnetic Flux Saturation Model in Synchronous Reluctance Motor
Authors Tae-gyeom Woo ; Young-Doo Yoon
Page pp.146-153
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Synchronous reluctance motor(SynRM); self saturation; cross saturation; Linear least squares method
Abstract This study proposes a parameter estimation method for cross saturation term of flux saturation model including cross saturation of synchronous reluctance motor (SynRM). SynRM exhibits large cross saturation and self-saturation. A flux saturation model including the cross saturation term has been proposed to represent the cross saturation. This model satisfies the reciprocity condition, which represents a nonlinear saturation phenomenon well. It also includes a self-saturation term and a cross saturation term. The self-saturation term includes an arctangent function, and the cross saturation term includes a logarithm function and a fraction function. The parameter estimation method for the self-saturation term has been developed, but the parameter estimation method for the cross saturation term has not been presented yet. In this study, considering the role of each parameter in the cross saturation term, the parameters included in the log function are first selected. Then, the remaining parameters are estimated using the linear least squares method. The proposed parameter estimation method is verified for SynRM of 1.5 kW.