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Title A New Switching System With SOC Balancing CapabilityFull Bridge Without DC/DC Converter
Authors Jae-Seong Choi ; Jae-Kuk Kim
Page pp.179-187
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Battery system; Dual-output power supply; Electric vehicle(EV); Switched-capacitor
Abstract The conventional dual-voltage automotive system has a large size and high cost due to its magnetic components. To eliminate the magnetic components, previous research adopted switched-capacitor converters. However, to provide the proper output voltage with small capacitance, high switching frequency should be employed, which leads to high energy loss and EMI problems. To mitigate the drawbacks, the battery switching system using some switches was considered. This system has charging and discharging modes through series or parallel battery connections. However, the batteries can be under-utilized and unbalanced due to the state of charge (SOC) problem. Therefore, this paper proposes a new battery switching system with SOC balancing capability. The proposed system only adds a few switches, in which switching in the order of battery connection can be applied. Through this structure, all batteries can be utilized and balanced. In addition, battery switching can be controlled simply. To confirm the validity of the proposed system, a 160 W prototype was implemented and experimented.