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Title Development of High Current Power Converter for Ship Fuel Cell System
Authors Hye-Ryoung Park ; Hwan Huh ; Min-Ho Kwon ; Jong-Pil Lee
Page pp.219-222
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Interleaved boost converter; Series resonant converter; Ship fuel cell systems; High current power conversion system
Abstract Several basic components of the fuel cell system for ships include a fuel cell stack, a power conversion system, a battery, and a control device. Polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell(PEMFC) is considered the most important component in this system as it has a variety of advantages such as high-power density, fast response speed, and low operating temperature. However, a stable, high-efficiency boost converter must be manufactured to utilize it as a power source for ships due to several drawbacks like low voltage and a wide range of fluctuation and high currents. This paper aims to study the design and implementation of a high-current power conversion system utilizing an insulated resonance converter for the fuel cell system for ships. The proposed power converter in this study consists of a two-stage conversion structure, which incorporates a two-phase interleaved boost converter and a series resonance converter(SRC). The performance of the structure is verified by testing a 30 kW class unit module manufactured.