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Title Single SiC Switch based 8kW PV Boost Converters with ZVZCS Operation Generation
Authors Jae-Joon Kim ; Ki-Hyun Pyo ; Joon-Hyeok Jeon ; Sin-Su Kyung ; Eun-Soo Lee
Page pp.231-239
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Photovoltaic(PV); Boost converter; ZVS(Zero-Voltage-Switching); ZCS(Zero-Current-Switching); Tapped-inductor.
Abstract In this paper, tapped inductor-based high-efficiency and high-power density zero-voltage and zero-current switching(ZVZCS) boost converters are proposed for 8 kW PV applications. The proposed converter uses only one SiC switch and three SiC diodes for turn-on ZCS and turn-off ZVS operations, resulting in an efficiency of over 98.2%. This value is higher than that of the conventional converter (97.3%), which uses two switches and two diodes, considering switching and conduction losses. The proposed converters are applied to 500 and 800 V of input and output voltages for PV, respectively, and verified by simulation analysis and experimental setup with SiC high-frequency switching devices manufactured from PowerCubeSemi Co., Ltd.