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Title Gain Characteristics of 3-Bridge LLC-LC Resonant Converter
Authors Tae-Ran Kim ; Kyung-Su Park ; Eun-Soo Kim
Page pp.333-344
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords DC-DC Converter; LLC Resonant Converter; LLC-LC Resonant Converter; Battery Charger
Abstract In this paper, an LLC-LC resonant converter with wide output voltage gain characteristics and a control method thereof were presented. The proposed converter could operate in a narrower-frequency control range by adding parallel resonance circuits to the previously proposed 3-bridge LLC resonant converter, and the converter was changed to four operation modes according to the switching pattern of the main switch for a wide output voltage control. In each operation mode, frequency modulation was performed to control the output voltage, and the morphing control was used to control the stable output voltage in mode transition. We analyzed the gain and impedance characteristics of the 3-bridge LLC-LC resonance converter and verified the validity and applicability of the proposed converter through PSIM simulation.