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Title Break-arc Characteristics On Humidity In Low Voltage DC Systems
Authors Younseong Shin ; Hyosung Kim
Page pp.408-414
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords LVDC; Residential power system; Breaking arc; Arc-safe operation area; Humidity; Socket-outlet & Plug
Abstract In the residential power system, circuit breakers, lighting switches, and plug-type connecting devices are commonly used to connect and interrupt power. In low-voltage direct current (LVDC) systems, given that the voltage and current remain constant without alternating phenomena, a relatively strong and sustained arc is formed when the circuit is opened, which can lead to device damage, unreliable operations, and accidents. Therefore, understanding the occurrence of arcs in switching devices is crucial for ensuring the reliability and safety of LVDC distribution systems. This paper experimentally analyzed the break arc characteristics of electrode-type contacts in LVDC systems under different humidity conditions. Under equal room temperature, different relative humidity levels of 30% and 70% were regulated to simulate low- and high-humidity environments. The influence of humidity on break arc was analyzed by conducting experiments under each humidity condition.