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Title Switching-Cell Current Source Inverter with Active Power Decoupling Circuit
Authors Jeonghun Kim ; Honnyong Cha
Page pp.325-332
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Active power decoupling; CSI(Current Source Inverter); Reliability; Switching-cell
Abstract This study proposes a single-phase switching-cell (SC) current source inverter (CSI) that uses the active power decoupling (APD) technique. The proposed CSI exhibits the SC structure, and thus, the APD technique can be implemented by adding one P-cell (switch, diode, and capacitor). It attenuates an undesirable low-frequency ripple power transferred from the AC side and has a DC-link inductor with small inductance. In addition, it implements the SC structure to minimize overlap time and eliminate the arm-open problem, improving the quality of output waveforms. The control scheme is easy to implement because the APD circuit is controlled independently from the output side. Detailed analysis and experimental results are provided to verify the performance of the proposed CSI.