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Title Break-Arc Characteristics on Electrode Shape in Low Voltage DC Systems
Authors Younseong Shin ; Hyosung Kim
Page pp.353-360
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords LVDC; Residential power systems; Break arc; Arc-safe operation area; Electrode shape
Abstract In this study, we conducted experiments and analyzed the characteristics of arc extinction distances between contact-type and socket plug-type electrodes. By analyzing experimental data by using 3D and 2D graphs under the provided experimental conditions, we confirmed that socket plug-type electrodes have a longer arc extinction distance compared with contact-type electrodes. This difference is considered influenced by the sharp contact edge of socket electrodes compared with the uniform contact surface of contact-type electrodes. We established trend equations through contour graph analysis and predicted the arc-safe operating area for various supply voltages and load powers. Results of this study are expected to contribute to the safe operation of electrical equipment commonly used in direct current residential houses, such as light switches and socket outlets.