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Title Output Voltage Controller Design for Synchronous Switching Three Level Bidirectional DC/DC Converter with Compensated Load Current and Duty
Authors Su-Hwan Kim ; Sung-Ho Choi ; In-Ho Cho ; Hae-In Kim ; Hag-Wone Kim
Page pp.361-368
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Compensated load current and duty; Control method for output voltage; Feed forword control; TLBC(Three Level Bidirectional DC/DC Converter); Dual loop control; multi level converter
Abstract This paper is a study on the control method of TLBC (Three Level Bidirectional DC/DC Converter). TLBC has the advantage of reducing the voltage stress of semiconductor devices. Since the converter of a railway vehicle, which is a high-voltage system, uses an IGBT, the switching frequency cannot be set high. If the switching frequency is low, it is not possible to set a wide bandwidth, which is closely related to the dynamic characteristics of the controller. This makes it difficult to control the output voltage and current due to rapid load changes. To reduce large fluctuations in output voltage with limited controller bandwidth, a control method that compensates for load current and duty is proposed. This was verified through PSIM simulation analysis and experiments.